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Pore Dilating Technology

The U-Wand uses alternating ultrasonic waveforms of variable intensity and frequency to enlarge the diameter of the skin’s pores. Ultrasound Sawtooth Waveforms enlarge the pores, and then Ultrasound Square Waveforms push the compound into the expanded pores in effect creating a mechanized form of osmosis.

Ultrasonic Action via Alternating Waveforms

Alternating Waveforms


The latest skin treatment devices, whether using heat or vibration, can only deliver compounds to the surface of the skin. In contrast, the U-Wand’s unique ability to enlarge the pores allows deep penetration of skincare products to help correct skin ailments at their source, rather than just treating the skin’s outer surface.

Visual of the pore expanding action of the ultrasonic waves

Pore Expansion