The U-Wand – Targeted Key Skin Care Categories | PDF pdf icon

Immediate Development Opportunities

The following are applications that represent immediate development opportunities:
Each of these markets on their own are close to or in excess of a $ billion.

Competitive Landscape

There is no product or technology in the cosmetic industry that is comparable to the U-Wand in its ability to deliver skincare products deep into the pores of the skin. There are abrasion systems, which “buff” the face or provide electro-shock treatments but no pore expanding/penetrating delivery system on the market.

  1. Acne Treatments: The U-Wand applies critical medicinals directly to the pore system for maximum effect.
  2. Anti-Aging Gels: Wrinkle relaxing compounds work best delivered subdermally.
  3. Facial Moisturizers: The U-Wand is designed to move easily over the facial area and applies moisturizing gels directly through the facial pores.
  4. Body Lotions for Cellulite Treatments: Used primarily for the treatment of ugly dimpling of the skin around the legs and buttocks called Cellulite. The U-Wand applies the cellulite gel e.g. Revitol subdermally, which breaks down the stored fat causing the condition.
  5. Facial Cleansers: Most facial cleansing systems and tools such as dermabrasion devices, actually only remove the “dead” skin layers or buff the skin’s surface. The U-Wand applies a lotion to the skin, which can restore clarity, and radiance to the skin.
  6. Age Spots: Skin applied bleaching agents; delivered subdermally; provide faster acting lightening of age spots and a longer lasting effect. This would apply to both hand and facial lotions.
  7. Skin Lightening: Similar to age spot treatment, the U-Wand offers women, primarily in India and throughout Asia, a more effective and faster treatment for skin lightening.
  8. Treatment of Cold Sores: Cold sore medications are often time consuming and ineffective because the medication is slow to penetrate the cold sore which is generally in the region of the mouth or lip area. Tests have shown the U-Wand to be far more effective in permeating cold sore regions.
  9. Treatment for Thinning Hair: The U-Wand is also being researched as a possible product delivery system for hair treatment products such as Rogaine.