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The U-Wand™ is an ultrasonic product applicator device with the ability to generate ultrasonic transmissions of variable intensity and frequency on a programmed schedule that dilates the skin’s pores to allow easy acceptance of skincare products just beneath the skin. It is a hand held unit only 5.375 inches long, and is powered by a 9-volt battery.

This delivery system is ideal for the application of acne medication, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle gels, cellulose treatment and a host of other skincare applications.

Unlike dermabrasion, brushes or even hand rubbing, which can lead to skin damage, the U-Wand™ is a safe, more effective means of applying skin care cosmetics. The application goes right under the skin tissue, where the real effect can take place, and not just to the skin surface. The U-Wand™ enlarges pores to the underlying skin structure, leading to a relaxation of the skin, and the ultrasound can be used to evacuate the pores of oil deposits leading to improved acne treatments and an improved appearance on the surface of the skin.

U-Wand application

The U-Wand™ applies Ultrasound to the skin, and deposits skincare compounds directly into the pores. The result – More effective skincare treatment for anti-aging skin rejuvenation, anti-wrinkling, acne, skin lightning, and cellulite treatments.


Product Components

U-Wand and Gels

The U-Wand, Sonic Cap and Gels

1 – The U-Wand™ Ultrasonic Applicator

2 – The Sonic Cap is designed to be used as a protective, hygenic cap for the transducer head of the U-Wand™ and to help spread the gel around the skin. the user applies the product to the desired part of the skin and the runs the U-wand™ over the area to dialate the pores and allow entry of the formula into the pores of the skin. The cap is disposed of after every use.

Video: U-Wand Advanced Skin Renewal System