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The Insulin Patch is:
Totally Non-invasive. No Needles – No skin damage – No catheters.

The U-Strip™ (Ultrasonic Strip) Insulin Patch is designed to apply insulin to the dermis via propagation of a unique and special alternating ultrasonic transmission. The Ultrasound transmission first dilates the pores and then pushes insulin into the dermis region of the skin. From there the insulin enters the blood stream and regulates glucose levels.

Selection Guide

Selection Guide U-Strip, waist-mounted
Insulin Patch


Programmable Insulin Delivery

  • Basal Range: 0 to 1.1 U/min. with U-Strip Ultrasonic SA Controller
  • Bolus Range: 1 to 4.0 U/min with U-Strip Ultrasonic SA Controller

Key Patch Features:

  • Dimensions: 4.0″ L × 2.5″ W × 0.20″ Thick
  • Weight when loaded: 9.2 gm Base patch / 21 gm with Transducer Coupler.
  • Unique, Low Profile Insulin Patch has a thin, flexible and light weight design.
  • A Transducer Coupler snaps into the patch and connects to the SA Control Unit.
  • The Patch only delivers insulin when the ultrasound is activated.
  • Patch has proprietary On/Off function.
  • Its unique butterfly shape provides for a full seal under the patch.
  • The Patch is designed for both Arm and Abdominal placement.
U.S. Patents No. 6,908,448 & No. 7,440,798 and others pending internationally.