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New Drug Applications for Delivery with the U-Strip Require Three Screening Assessments:

  1. Ultrasound vs. Drug
  2. Patch Liberation Test
  3. Cadaver Skin Delivery Trial

Over 175 Drugs, which are too large for Passive Transdermal Patches, have already been modeled for delivery via the U-Strip, covering a wide range of molecular weights. The largest size molecule tested for transdermal delivery was tPA, at 75, 000 Daltons.

U-Strip Range of Molecular Size

U-Strip Range of Molecular Size

Molecular Size

U-Strip is Theorized to be Capable of Delivering From 0 to 125,000 Mol Wt. Compounds

Effects of U-Strip Ultrasound Upon Humulin Reg. Insulin Over Time Vs. Control

Insulin over time vs. control

HPLC after 8 Hours
exposure to U-Strip

Raw Insulin HPLC Spectra


Drug candidates can be screened for potential U-Strip Delivery in as little as 3 months. The screening also provides design data for both the Patch and the Sonic Applicator control device.

Affiliated Institutions

  • Rutgers University: NJ Center for Biomaterials: Laboratory for Drug Delivery
  • Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP), University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP)

If you are interested in having a compound tested as a candidate for U-strip Delivery –
Contact: Sanjay Pradhan, PhD / R&D Director
Transdermal Specialties, Inc.
Tel: 214-377-2836 / Fax: 610-356-1866