Transdermal Specialties, Inc.

Transdermal Specialties, Inc. (TSI) is a pioneer in Ultrasonic active patch delivery systems for the drug and cosmetic industries. The Company has developed a patented delivery system that breaks new ground in active patch technology. This system generates ultrasonic transmissions of variable intensity and frequency on a programmed schedule that dilates the skin pores to allow easy acceptance of drugs into the bloodstream (the U-Strip) and topical cosmetics just underneath the skin (the U-Wand). The variations in penetration are achieved by adjusting the timing of alternating waveforms.

TSI Products

The U-Strip is the first totally non-invasive, painless, programmable and easy to use method to deliver large molecule drugs into the bloodstream while enhancing reliability and efficacy and minimizing negative side effects. The Company’s current focus is on the Diabetes Care industry with the transdermal delivery of insulin as the lead product.

The U-Wand is the first dermatological device that dilates the skin’s pores to allow easy acceptance of skincare products beneath the skin and directly into the pores for enhanced efficacy. The initial thrust will be against the anti-aging market.

The Revolutionary Breakthrough In Ultrasonic Technology